“This brings you my prayers and best wishes for ERDS. Thank you for your kind invitation your organisation.”

Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata, India

“Empowerment, especially of women and youth, is a key outcome of ERDS projects. The commitment and motivation of all ERDS staffs is impressive as its leadership and the meticulous record keeping and accounting systems. Maximum value is obtained and demonstrated for every rupee spent.”

Dr. Mary Thornton, Assistant Director of Learning & Teaching University of Hertfordshire, England

“ One of the major strength of Economic Rural development Society(ERDS) is that it has been working at grass-root level in three most needy pockets of West Bengal and it has a large number of committed volunteers.”

Jagdish Pradhan, Deputy Regional Representative of OXFAM (INDIA) TRUST, India

“Thanks to the welfare activities of the ERDS, the darkness of ignorance among the target groups is on the wane. They are now waking up to their potentiality and strength. Life is now being looked upon not as a burden but as a boon.”

Social Welfare Magazine, Published by Central Social Welfare Board

“I have Visited few times and have seen the good work ERDS is doing among the tribal and schedule caste.”

Fr.  S. Santhappan, Social Welfare Institute, Raiganj, West Bengal, India

“The British deputy High Commission has been associated with Economic Rural development Society (ERDS) for a number of years, and we are always happy to work with associations which organized themselves and focus their work like ERDS.”

Dr. John Mitchiner, British Deputy High Commissioner to Eastern India

“The Economic Rural Development Society is an economic and cultural organization, which conducts research into the economic and cultural problems of west Bengal and India. It holds vocational training camp and undertakes multi development projects for the economic development of the rural community of West Bengal.”

India Weekly, London

“Economic Rural Development Society is a voluntary organization doing a yeomen’s service in the district of Malda in the field of agriculture extension work, health, education, vocational training and income generation programmes.”

A.B.A. Ghani Khan Chowdhury, MP (Lok Sabha), Government of India

“Economic Rural development Society is a reputed NGO in our command area for their humanitarian activities towards downtrodden people.”

Kamal Ganguly, Chairman, Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality, West Bengal , India

“Economic Rural Development Society is dedicated to helping poor villagers.”

The Statesman

Economic Rural Development Society is associated with various kind of development works in the surrounding area”.

Block development Officer, Tapan, Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal , India

“Certified that I have satisfied myself that the conditions on which the Gants-in- Aid (Adult Education) was sanctioned have been duly fulfilled.”

Geeta Ram, Under Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development.

“Economic Rural Development Society, a non-governmental organization is continuing to fight for betterment of the lot of the rural poor.”

S. N. Ghosh, Principal Secretary, Department of Panchayats, Government of West Bengal, India

I must mention that in spite of the limited infrastructure and finance you have been doing a very commendable work.”

K.K. Goenka, Managing Director, Premier Irrigation Equipment Limited, India

All respondents held a high opinion about the implementing agency i.e. ERDS. All of them unanimously expressed the view that ERDS was doing its best to improve the conditions of the villagers and it was doing the same for a long time.”

A Case study on Economic Rural Development Society Conducted by National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, New Delhi, India

“Economic Rural Development Society adheres to the Norms prescribed for good Governance of Voluntary organizations and is admitted to the membership of CREDIBILITY ALLIANCE.”

Ranjan Rao Yerdoor, Secretary, Credibility Alliance, New Delhi, India