Education as a tool to fight poverty

Education is of prime importance and a necessary tool to fight poverty. To make sure the kids are supported, their education is continued and they are specially cared for and stimulated, various kinds of assistance were provided in the form of school bags & writing instruments, exercise books, shoes & socks and the services of a professional private tutor.


Good life can only be supported by good health

Maintaining good health of the sponsored kids is one of the most important objectives of the programme. Good life can only be supported by good health. In order to attain good health annual health exams are mandatory for children under 12 and all children have access to curative care as needed. Additional health benefits include free medicines, parasite screenings and treatment, health education, referral services for specialized care and financial support for emergency medical and operative care. Dental health care services were also provided to children.


According to UNICEF “One in every three malnourished children in the world lives in India”. Malnutrition has some acute ill effects which restrict a child’s development, put their health at risk against various diseases and force them to sink into oblivion.

To deal with these situation the sponsored kids aged below 12 are grouped into Grades, namely Grade –I, II, III based on their Body Mass Index. Grade II is considered partially malnourished and are provided with Food Supplement 3 days a week and Grade III is considered seriously malnourished and are provided with Food supplement 5 days a week. Periodically their BMI is recorded to oversee the change to healthy kids from malnourished stage