The village of Bamonpukur is made up of small huts with red tiled roofs and bordered by rice fields and mango trees that create an idyllic view with greenery. But it was not so long ago that Moni Tudu, feeling uncomfortable and afraid, used to sneak into these fields under the cover of dawn or dusk to go and relieve herself in the fields. “It was very humiliating for women and young girls as there was no privacy” she said. Due to this, stomach related infections were also rampant in the area. Both Moni Tudu and her husband are day labourers and finding regular work was also a challenge for them. Their three daughters and meager income make their everyday life very challenging.

It was then that ERDS came forward and built a toilet for them at their house. Today, they use the toilet regularly and are free from the stomach related infections that used to haunt them. And for this, they would like to thank ERDS profusely.