Chayarani Mondol (40 ) belongs to a poverty stricken background and used to sell vegetables in the local market. Her family could hardly make both ends meet & in spite of hard effort the income did not increase as expected owing  to volatility in vegetable prices and increased competition. Due to this low income Chayarani was unable to continue her son’s education. In 2009 she took the initiative and set up a small stationery shop for her son with a seed capital support of Rs. 5,000/- from ERDS. Chayarani along with her son now made a substantial effort to increase the sales of stationery shop and gradually their shop’s popularity increased. Soon, Chayarani gave away her vegetable selling business due to low income and started working full time along with her son in their stationery shop. She was very regular in paying loan installment and at present with the support of IDRF, ERDS extended credit to the tune of Rs. 30,000/-. With such extended credit their shop started offering almost product needed in our daily lives. Later, she also bought a photocopier. Chayarani’s family income nearly trebled and their average income now stands around Rs 10,000/-. With the excess income she is funding higher education for her daughter.