Annya Ghosh is from Vikahar, West Bengal, India. Her family comprises four members – two children and her husband. Her husband has a vegetable shop in the local market; one of the children is studying in Class – XI and the other is studying in college 2nd year.
She has taken financial loans from VPBK on three occasions. She has spent the money given during last two years on a water pump and for sanitation in her own home. On the third occasion, the money (Rs 15,000) that was loaned by VPBK two years ago was used by Annya to buy a cow (Sahiwal breed) that is now providing four litres of milk per day. The cow has increased the family’s net income by more than Rs 20,500 per year.
According to her, “I am so satisfied with VPBK and the associated communities who are improving their livelihood and enhancing their sources of income that I would like to recommend the organization to others.”
According to an employee of VPBK, Annya is a very dedicated person as far as paying of loans is concerned. This has been borne out by the fact that she has not missed out on any installment payment till date.
Today, Annya is regarded as a symbol of rural empowerment. “My determination and dedication coupled with financial direction and support by VPBK has shown the way. My heartiest thanks to VPBK for their development work at the grass roots level,” she adds.