Moni Tudu’s family comprises five members including two sons, and one daughter. Due to acute financial crises Moni Tudu’s children have not studied in any school till date. They earn their living by working as a day laborer and where work is sporadic in nature and work is limited to mere 10 days only in most of the month. The family’s monthly income is around Rs 4,500. Due to rising expenses and low income they are facing difficulty in making ends meet. In the middle of this, at least one family member suffers from some kind of disease, especially those related to the stomach like diarrhea. The monthly outgo towards doctor’s fees and medicines is around Rs 500 to Rs 1000. ERDS with the support from MCC is delivering the Sanitation and safe drinking water for families and Moni Tudu is regular in attending monthly meetings. ERDS’ awareness camp was also conducted frequently where they could understand how open defecation is related to their stomach ailments.

After discussing with family members, we contact ERDS office and find an easy way to keep life healthy. Moni Tudu requested ERDS office to build a toilet. ERDS team responded to her request and with the support from MCC a toilet was constructed. And with the building of that lavatory Moni Tudu’s family is keeping a healthier life than before. At present, the diseases are lower and they could save money by not visiting the doctor.