Paromita Nadu ( 24 ) had a runaway marriage with a jobless man, against her family wishes. In order to survive the young couple started a fast food shop in a busy corner, with a financial assistance of Rs. 10,000/- from ERDS. Paromita had learnt cooking from her mother and soon her skills in preparing mouth watering fast food started showing results as the number of footfalls increased. The young couple was so conscientious that they started their day early in the morning and sold food (from breakfast to various kinds of fast foods) along with tea & biscuits. Their total revenue today ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 700 a day and they make a profit of around Rs 300 to Rs 400 a day. Paromita and her husband have found a new meaning of life. Moreover, they have been successful in their maiden entrepreneurial venture and are thus grateful to ERDS and IDRF for providing the much needed credit when they needed it most.