How ERDS helped Mampi Sutradhar reach her goal: A first person account

“I am Mampi Sutradhar daughter of Mahadeb Sutradhar of Village Thinagar, West Bengal, India. I have been associated with the Sponsorship Programme of Economic Rural Development Society (ERDS) since 2007. I feel grateful to be thus associated. The reason is that I have learnt how to solve problems through leadership gains from Youth Leadership Training and how to spend and deposit money in a bank account from meager earnings. Apart from this, I have learnt more about myself through the Youth Health Corps program and am able to make others aware. I cooperate with the budget programme of the youth wing and participate and extend my cooperation to the annual programme at the end of each year. ERDS has fully cooperated towards my growing up in life.

I have passed the Senior secondary this year with 84% marks from PakuahatSchool. I have taken admission in the English Honors course at Pakuahat Degree College. Had my establishment ERDS not helped me, then perhaps I could never have reached my goal. For this, I extend many, many thanks to my establishment ERDS and the sponsorship programme.”