Maloti nadu (45 ) runs a small grocery shop. To expand the shop product offering she was provided
credit to the extent of Rs.10,000/- in 2012 which was duly paid and again refinanced with Rs.
10,000/- with support from IDRF . Her honesty towards her business was notable and soon it
reflected in higher sales. Maloti’s income also surged to Rs. 6,000-7,000 from 3,000/- and with
the excess income she could now fund her son’s education. (Incidentally, after completion of his education the son is now working in a private firm.) She is also a proud mother as her daughter is also married to a
culturally established family. All this has been made possible from the excess income of her enterprise.
At present she is dreaming big and wants to further increase her grocery shop capacity in
the long term, which in turn is expected to pave the way for a healthier future. Maloti expressed her sincere gratitude to ERDS & IDRF for extending credit at the most appropriate time when it was needed.