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Since 2010 Parveen Mondal has been associated with ERDS’ micro credit programme. Parveen and her husband are in the business of cutting defect tube lights into small pieces which act as raw material for making CFL Lamps. One defective tube light is cut down into six pieces by cutting machines. Thereafter the pieces are cleaned and supplied to the manufacturers of CFL Lamps. The entrepreneur couple first took a loan of Rs 10,000/- and were very regular in the payment of installments. The couple’s dedication towards their work was notable and ERDS again financed them with a loan of Rs 15,000/- which was also repaid within the due dates. Later with the support from IDRF the couple received Rs 20,000/- as loan and after paying all expenses they made around Rs. 8,000/- a month, which is double the amount they earned three years ago. With the excess income the couple is now investing in their son’s and daughter’s education which will reap them long term benefits. Over the years their capital also grew to Rs 20,000/-. What is most noticeable is that in their small enterprise they employed three laborers. Thus from a single credit of Rs 20,000/-, the family of Parveen Mondal has made it possible for three other families to also get their source of income.